How to grow vegetables

Fresh Vegetables from your garden
The delights of fresh vegetables within arm's reach of the kitchen are as easily available to the gardenless city dweller as to those who have a vegetable patch handy. Salad vegetables - particularly lettuce, spring onions and radishes - can easily be raised in a box placed on a sunny window sill.  
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Garden care

Garden Care
Plants, like all living things, make certain demands on their surroundings in order to carry on the activities they need for continued healthy growth. Although many plants can manage very nicely without assistance, most plants - particularly indoor ones - are sufficiently sensitive to their care and surroundings for these to make the difference between an indifferent - hopefully not yet dead plant, and something of remarkable beauty. You can avoid much of the trial and error of gardening if you understand a little about the workings of the plant itself.  Read More

Water Garden

Small Water GardenIt is not difficult to bring the beauty and music of water to your garden, patio or terrace - or even to a roof garden or balcony. There are several methods of construction, and it would be wise to plan very carefully before starting work. You will probably need to go to a special­ist water garden centre for materials, plants, fish and other supplies, and such places are generally happy to give free advice to customers. So take advantage of this before you start digging!   Read More


Bonsai tree in a pot
Bonsai trees are some of the most fascinating and interesting of all plants grown in containers.
The ancient art of growing dwarf trees began more than a thousand years ago when the Chinese transplanted seedlings of trees that had been growing in the wild into small pots. Many of these young trees had been growing in impoverished conditions and when potted into good soil grew strongly. The Chinese discovered that by constricting the roots in small containers, and regularly pruning the roots and shoots, the trees could be kept small. The Japanese began growing dwarfed trees, developing the art and conferring the name Bonsai, which means growing a plant in a tray.   Read More

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We genuinely feel that we have some­thing to offer you whoever you are - beginner or expert - and wherever you live - in a single room or a penthouse, in the most modest terraced house or in a spacious home standing in its own grounds.

Of course, dividing the plants into categories like this is bound to be a bit arbitrary in some cases, but it seemed to us to be of more practical use, and cross-references deal with plants that could logically be placed in two or more groupings. Finally, if you want to find out about a particular plant whose name you know, just use our website’s search.

This website is for the person who is just as inter­ested (or even more so) in the appearance and decorative effect of his garden plants as in the actual plant growing.

Planting a Garden 

You will find literally hundreds of species, varieties and hybrids in here. Sometimes you may get annoyed when you cannot find a plant that is described and that takes your fancy. Worse still (but unfortun­ately all too possible), your local nur­seryman may never have heard of it. For this, we can only apologize in advance, for not all the plants men­tioned are easily available in all coun­tries. If you have problems finding what you want locally, we can only suggest that you try some of the specialist growers. Houseplants are booming all over the world, and nurserymen are introducing new kinds all the time (while quietly dropping some that failed to live up to their early promise). We have tried to include all the indoor plants you are likely to come across, and some that should appear before too long. But we also have to apologize for any new introductions that we have not covered.

Among outdoor garden plants, we have had to be more selective, as there are very many hundreds of possible candidates. Bear in mind with the outdoor plants that there will be considerable varia­tions in size and performance according to the growing position, soil, tempera­ture and so on; the figures given are only approximate.

Fall Plants

Fall Plants

Fall Plants and growing instructionsOctober is often a melancholy time of the year since it bridges the gap between the sunny late summer days of September and the first sticking snow and dark afternoons of November. We get an Indian summer, a time of crystal blue skies and a friendly sun that warms the frost-burned leaves of fall. And the garden is a beautiful place to be.


Spring Plants

Now that spring is in the winds and ready to move to stage left and thoughts of winter's gloom seem to recede from view, it's time to get ready for another year in the garden and the great outdoors. Unfortunately, it's also time for the developers to gear up their machinery for another assault on the land that is still open to the fields, still covered with woods.


Summer Garden

Summer PlantIts summer: The perennial border is so awash with color that even the hummingbirds seem to be stupefied with the flower count and the rock garden also, is outdoing itself with blossoms. But it's hot! We need rain and the daily stint with moving the sprinkler never seems to do the job that a good soaking rain will do. Even the small amount of lawn is becoming parched and brown.

Winter Plants

Winter Garden

Often when we become lost in the limbo that exists between the days of Christmas, when skies are often overly dark with most of the window views of America showing barren branches whipped by bone-chilling winds, we can easily forget the values of the seasons. But stop and think for a moment about a garden that is forever green and growing, producing brilliant dots of color every day of the year, a garden that is never at rest.

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